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Hi! My name is Daniel! I'm a Brazilian born, Los Angeles raised, New York resident. My wife and I got married this past summer and moved to this beautiful town of Catskill! 

I've been a graphic designer since 2007. I started in High School, but mostly self-taught. I've always had a passion for design in all aspects of life. Because design bleeds through ever avenue of life. In fact, design is fundamental to all aspects of life. From fashion, products, furniture, architecture, or even life styles... design influences and establishes emotions.

I've been focusing on websites build on Webflow & Squarespace since 2016, and have since accumulated a lot of experience and expertise using these programs. I also have extensive experience and knowledge in all things Adobe, specializing in motion graphics via After Effects and video editing via Premiere.

I truly enjoy designing and creating designs! Contact me and let's work on something fun together! 

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Based in Catskill, ny

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